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French adaptation of the Cognistat cognitive screening test

Fonts optimized for the human visual system: Commonly available fonts (e.g. Arial, Times, etc.) are poorly suited to the characteristics of the human visual system. In particular, the attributes by which the different letters are distinguished from each other do not correspond well to the sensitivity of our visual system.


Our laboratory has therefore developed fonts that have been optimized to facilitate reading; in other words, to make reading faster and reduce the effort required. Additionally, since visual discrimination requirements vary to some extent depending on the language, these optimized fonts are available for either French or English reading. These are now available free of charge to the general public on eduzone (Police OptimUM).


In the coming months, we also plan to make fonts optimized (French and English) available for people aged 60 and over. Indeed, the functioning of our visual system deteriorates with aging and these new fonts will be specifically adapted to the elderly visual system.


The work that led to these developments was carried out in part in collaboration with Professors Frédéric Gosselin and Pierre Jolicoeur (University of Montreal).

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